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About Me


Art has been part of my life as far back as I can possibly remember. I grew up with a pencil in my hand, doodling on everything I could touch (much to my mother’s chagrin). What started out as a passionate hobby has turned into a career. I have been creating custom art for businesses and individuals for fifteen years from logo design, website design, brochures, murals, paintings, and portraits of pets and family members. I spent several years working as the in-store artist at Trader Joe’s in Piper Glenn (Charlotte, NC), and several years as the lead artist at an embroidery design company. I currently work freelance with a focus on children’s book illustration, but continue to do custom pieces as well as logo design. My art can be found online as well as in tactile form in Washington, Arizona, and North Carolina as well as in private homes in many states.

I live in Charlotte, North Carolina, on my little urban farms with all of the wonderful animals who inspire my drawings and stories. I have Cupcake the mini potbelly pig, Butter, Fluffernutter, and Banana Sandwich the domestic ducks, Azzy and Lemur the cats, Ichabod the corn snake, Wallace and Scuttle the hermit crabs, and a beautiful pond full of gorgeous koi.

My passion for art and writing also carries over into my food blog, The Pescetarian and the Pig.